Opening of the new Artek flagship store

Back to the roots

Artek returned back to its roots,
to the iconic quarters where its
first store was opened in 1936.
A return to the ideological
foundations of Artek’s founders
created a lively stage for culture.

Artek as a movement

When planning the launch of the new store, we drew inspiration from the past. We returned to Artek’s roots both in a physical and philosophical sense. The founders of the company believed in a grand synthesis of the arts, and the concept of the new store embodies that very synthesis. Culture at large was chosen as the backdrop for the new store, since Artek is more than just an iconic furniture brand. It is an ideological movement whose roots date back to the 1930s, but its operations are above all else, au courant. Artek’s significant investment into its new store is a statement. It’s a statement on behalf of lively urban culture, advocating for being part of a genuine experience.

A living-room-like space was created for the store launch, in other words, a stage where culture takes on myriad forms, from exhibitions and workshops to circus and art performances. In addition, an on-going soundscape and a film concept were created for the launch.

Sound concept

“Sound of Artek” was created in collaboration with the percussionist Samuli Kosminen and the premiere of the audio concept was heard at opening of the store. The intent of the music piece was to express Artek’s democratic view on how good design should be accessible, it should be for everyone.

The composition made by banging, clanging, knocking and stroking Artek furniture and lamps. This communicates the sustainable quality and multifunctionality of the products. Thereafter, the audio was used by Artek in marketing, for example as a soundtrack for moving images and audio commercials.

Video concept

As an ode to the classic Aalto stool and their new customisation service, we created a video concept called Stool Loop. The film consists of Artek’s staff, collaborators and visitors, such as Finnish artists Paperi-T and M.A.Numminen.

It was filmed in advance for advertising purposes and later during the opening event, and thus features store visitors. The Stool Loop films are displayed with different versions of Samuli Kosminen’s Sound of Artek.

Media channels

When launching, we used OOH surfaces... media channels well as the space in the store itself. The space was utilised through different kinds of events and performances. During the morning of the opening day, the store was transformed into a studio from where Radio Helsinki broadcasted its program Aamu Helsingissä.

“... providing a stage for artists and makers to showcase their work, suggesting that the brand's philosophy of promoting a 'grand synthesis of all the arts' is still at the company's beating heart.”

Wallpaper 5.5.2016.

Client - Artek
Marketing Director - Joana Mouta
Marketing Manager - Satu Paukkonen, Laura Larres

Agency - Miltton Creative
Client Lead - Mira Träskelin
Producer - Kerttu Penttilä
Creative Strategist - Mikko Hakkarainen, Sampo Axelsson
Design director - Jesse Auersalo
Art director - Janne Melajoki
Copywriter - Lauri Gran
Cinematographer - Pyry Lepistö
Editing & post production - Pyry Lepistö, Tomi Seppälä
Musical production - Samuli Kosminen
Composition, arrangement & performance - Samuli Kosminen
Video Production Assistent - Noora Karonen

Store opening video
Cinematographer - Anton Coon Thompson, Jukka Moisio, Pyry Lepistö
Editing - Tomi Seppälä, Pyry Lepistö